Rivet News Radio

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A mobile app can reinvigorate an old medium, with the right strategy. Rivet News is a news-radio station for your cellphone, with settings to match content to listeners’ interests – and a skip button.

I joined the launch team as financial editor, to develop a format for business, technology and healthcare news relevant to a general audience. The app’s unique technology let me keep things simple for the casual listener, and fill the screen with details for the power user.

As a producer conducted interviews, gave anchors talking points and infused reports with expert sources like investor conference calls. I coached other producers on what events to watch for, such as earnings reports or trade shows, and how to approach them. I reviewed completed reports for accuracy, style and delivery, gave them headlines and assigned them keyword-rich metadata to reach the proper audience

Rivet has been a consistently popular news download, attracting 150,000 users in its launch phase. Business and technology gets chosen and shared on social media as often as government and politics. Metrics show listeners stick with to reports from start to finish, without touching the skip button.