Stephen Rynkiewicz profile


• Finding the right media to solve problems and earn loyalty.
• Writing to synthesize facts, reach new audiences and prompt action.
• Editing for readability, accuracy and a consistent, engaging tone.
Digital strategy
• Mobile, customized design, focused on core messages.
• SEO and site structure audits to optimize content and workflow.
• Attractive, persuasive ecommerce product pages.
Product development
• Data collection, analysis and visualization to understand buyers.
• Competitive analysis, use cases, specifications to define project.
• Training materials, presentations and technical documentation.


Consultant: Chicago Community Trust, Healthcare Financial Management Association, Northwestern University, One Technologies, Rowman & Littlefield, Tribune Newspapers
Rivet News Radio: Financial editor, multimedia producer
Chicago Tribune: Digital editor, financial product manager
Tribune Media Group: Digital analyst, product development
Tribune Technology: Project manager, technical producer

Target industries

• Financial, risk management, legal and real estate services
• Health care, educational institutions and member associations
• Automotive, engineering and technology products

Let’s talk

linkedin-20150218-srynkiewicz-3810Information can spark action or indecision. Team conflict can be creative or destructive. By organizing and clarifying issues in digital communications, I successfully lead audiences & stakeholders in growing mobile operations to productive action.

I’ve coached staff, vendors & freelancers for best use of their skills; analyzed audience behavior to guide content strategy, served as troubleshooter on performance issues, kept teams updated & documented their success. I’ve crafted communication strategies for nonprofit groups, taught a college course & served as elected officer of a national nonprofit group.

I’m comfortable working across teams to create, scale & advocate new products. Let’s figure out the next one.

–Steve Rynkiewicz (Rin-KEV-itch)