Stephen Rynkiewicz profile


• Finding the right media to solve problems and earn loyalty.
• Writing to synthesize facts, reach new audiences and prompt action.
• Editing for readability, accuracy and a consistent, engaging tone.
Digital strategy
• Mobile, customized design, focused on core messages.
• SEO and site structure audits to optimize content and workflow.
• Attractive, persuasive ecommerce product pages.
Product development
• Data collection, analysis and visualization to understand buyers.
• Competitive analysis, use cases, specifications to define project.
• Training materials, presentations and technical documentation.


American Bar Association: Web editor and developer
Consultant: City Tech Collaborative, Healthcare Financial Management Association, Northwestern University, One Technologies, Rowman & Littlefield, Tribune Newspapers
Chicago Tribune: Financial product manager
Rivet News Radio: Multimedia producer
Tribune Media: Product development analyst
Tribune Technology: Project manager

Target industries

• Financial, risk management, legal and real estate services
• Health care, educational institutions and member associations
• Automotive, engineering and technology products

Let’s talk

linkedin-20150218-srynkiewicz-3810Information can spark action or indecision. Team conflict can be creative or destructive. By organizing and clarifying issues in digital communications, I successfully lead audiences & stakeholders in growing mobile operations to productive action.

I’ve coached staff, vendors & freelancers for best use of their skills; analyzed audience behavior to guide content strategy, served as troubleshooter on performance issues, kept teams updated & documented their success. I’ve crafted communication strategies for nonprofit groups, taught a college course & served as elected officer of a national nonprofit group.

I’m comfortable working across teams to create, scale & advocate new products. Let’s figure out the next one.

–Steve Rynkiewicz (Rin-KEV-itch)


ABA Journal

Desktop front page.


Mobile home page.

Desktop wireframe.


Mobile wireframe.

ABA Journal, the flagship magazine of the American Bar Association, earned 2019 Azbee Awards of Excellence as Top 10 website and best web news section. My web design and legal tech coverage were regional winners.

As a contributor to the print magazine, I expanded the Journal’s best of the legal web feature to podcasts and apps, surveyed bloggers on their work practices, and profiled legal innovators in the Legal Rebels series. Online I was one of three line editors for breaking news. I also wrote on legal technology, reviewed new products and contributed to standing features like Question of the Week.

Legal Rebels on desktop.


Legal Rebels in magazine.

What’s one thing you wish the public understood about the US legal system?

What one thing do you wish you were told about legal practice?

Top 10 most-read legal news stories of 2018

Web 100: Podcasts

Web 100: Web tools

Dan Linna: Taking the measure of legal innovation

Financial fraud enforcer rips crypto culture for letting compliance slide

At ABA JusticeHack Chicago, community policing collaboration talks through potential tech solutions

Help us find best of the legal web—written, spoken or coded


City Tech Collaborative

As a health-care analyst, I write about health issues in Chicago neighborhoods. I also consult on content strategy and data visualization for the Chicago Health Atlas website, conduct CUT Group user testing of nonprofit apps, participate in Chi Hack Night civic data projects and document technology events in the Knight Community Information Challenge.

East Village Association

East Village crime map

A Chicago community group calls residents to action through a website, email newsletter, Facebook page and Twitter feed.

My communications for the East Village Association attract a large and diverse following, and draw members to community meetings on planning, schools, police and transit issues.


    Among EVA successes:

  • Social-media campaigns build political support for a Polish Triangle gateway development.
  • Maps show the nature of neighborhood crime.

The monthly e-mail newsletter has a consistent open rate of 40% to 50%. EVA’s social media presence extends to Twitter events feed, a Flipboard magazine, public discussion groups on Everyblock and Yahoo! and a private NextDoor group, plus event videos on YouTube. The website was launched in 2007 to supplement a printed newsletter. The current Constant Comment newsletter consistently draws a 40% open rate.

Ethics AdviceLine for Journalists


What’s the answer to a hotline gone cold? It called for a relaunch of the Society of Professional Journalists’ Chicago chapter website devoted to ethics advice. Ethics AdviceLine for Journalists earned the 2014 Sigma Delta Chi award and the Peter Lisagor award for online column writing.

I jump-started a dormant project to convert an ineffective online brochure into a destination for reporters with ethical dilemmas. I chartered a project to make case studies available as an education resource, and worked Northwestern University to digitize files and make them available for training and research.

For the website I created a site taxonomy and interactive elements, customized templates, trained volunteers in online contact forms and resolved switchover issues.

After launch I created Facebook and Twitter pages. The efforts attracted an audience not only for the website, but also the original phone hotline, and won buy-in for a paid search campaign.

The national SDX award noted my writing on issues like digital media and database reporting.


Chicago Tribune responsive design


For the 2014 “digitally remastered” relaunch, I determined must-haves to adapt a news design to e-commerce for the Tribune’s automotive, real estate and recruitment sections.


I broke down rebuilding tasks; programmed, tested and documented the new design, planned the site migration, presented the resdesign to the sales teams and advised them on how to migrate their search and display campaigns.